Book Review: Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner

Basic info: Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner

Author: Kathryn Freeman

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Grumpy + Sunshine

Publication date: February 27, 2023

Edition I read: eBook (provided by HarperCollins UK on NetGalley)

Pages: 384

My rating: 4/5

Goodreads link:

A cosy, easy-to-read contemporary romance with the grumpy + sunshine trope you can devour in one sitting. You'll enjoy even more if you've seen a few of the big romcom movies. Spoiler alert: reading this book will feel like watching one of them too.

In the book cafe owner Sally becomes landlady to Harry the builder, when his ex refuses to move out of his own house. Sally's passionate about watching romcoms, while sceptical Harry refuses to belive in love. One night they jokingly recreate the infamous lifting scene from Dirty Dancing, and their TikTok of it goes viral. They decided to keep the videos going to earn some money, inevitably falling for each other in the process.

It's not that easy though, as Harry comes from a cold and loveless family and is unwilling to acknowledge the fact that he could ever love anyone. Sally, the hopeless romantic then gets hung up on this statement, which makes everything complicated. Even though they're undoubtedly head over heels for each other.

While telling this love story, the book also deals with complicated family relationships, and how hard it is to do and say something, even if you really want to, when you have certain mental blocks that prevent you. Having a hint of reality and humaneness is always refreshing in a romance book, making it all the more relatable. And I gotta say, all these parts were wonderfully written in this book.

I found it a really fun and easy read that made me both happy and sad as we went through the ups and downs with the characters. I got a little frustrated towards the end when Sally just couldn't let go of these very... specific and literal labels and expectations, but overall still enjoyed the romance.